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New Discovery at Hot Maden
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The latest drilling results and recently obtained drill permits for Hot Maden Project, which is operated by the partnership of Mariana Resources and Lidya Madencilik, were announced on 6th of October. The results of 4 drill holes, including 3 exploration and 1 resource extension holes are given as follows:

HTD – 23 19.9m @ 1.1% Zn, 28.7m @ 1.8% Zn, and 3m @ 7.6% Zn from 21.1m, 66.5m, and 127.0 m downhole, respectively. 

HTD – 24: 36.3m @ 21.7 g/t Au + 5.51% Cu from 22.3m downhole. Plus 7.5m @ 2.2% Zn from 97.5m downhole.

HTD – 25: 25.2m @ 7.3 g/t Au + 0.47% Cu from 42.8m downhole Including 9.0m @ 17.8 g/t Au + 0.6% Cu (45.0m – 54.0m) Plus 23.5m @ 3.8% Zn and 7.5m @ 3.9% Zn from 80.5m and 120.5m downhole, respectively.

HTD – 26: 15.5m @ 1.5% Zn and 12.5m @ 4.1% Zn from 62.0m and 82.5m downhole respectively. Plus 1m @ 3.5 g/t Au + 0.36% Cu from 139.0m downhole.

Glen Parsons, CEO of Mariana Resources commented, “Encouragingly, as each new hole in the Au‐Cu zone delivers further continuity and grade, the size of the Hot Maden Initial Mineral Resource continues to expand.  We now have four new mineralized holes outside of the Initial Resource Area comparable to those that fall within the resource, which is very exciting from a resource growth perspective.

With these new drill permits we can hopefully continue intersecting the Au‐Cu zone by stepping out in 50m sections southwards. Prospectivity of this substantial untested area has been greatly enhanced by the high grade Au intercept in HTD‐25 announced today, which is 250m along strike of the Initial Resource Area. As drilling now advances to the south, the potential of this new zone should become apparent.

In parallel with the drilling, detailed metallurgical testing is planned to define the optimum processing route for this ultra high grade ore and will assist in forming the basis of a Preliminary Economic Assessment for Hot Maden.”


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“Bu haber bir Madencilik Türkiye Dergisi haberidir. İzinsiz olarak kopyalanması suçtur, yasaktır. Kaynak gösterilmeden kullanılması durumunda yasal işlem başlatılacaktır!”

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